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Re: [IP] Warning to someone...

At 09:08 pm 2/4/01 Notha Stevens wrote:
 >Maybe I should clarify....Norton has "always" caught and quarantined the
 >Snow White virus anytime it has been sent to my mail .....
 >I have not received one from IP list or I would be aware of it.
 >So I beleive the list is filtering anything coming in or most of it. I just
 >wanted to let the party know that nothing came in from IP list in the last
 >few days that Norton alerted me to.

I've gotten at least 4-5 copies of this virus sent to me. In every case it 
came from one of our members who had inadvertently gotten infected from 
someone else. Since the list software is filtering out all attachments, 
there is virtually no way that you could get it directly from the list itself.

If you follow the safe computing suggestions that I made in my previous 
post, you'll not only prevent your own computer from getting infected, but 
you'll help stop your correspondents from getting it too.

Sam Skopp
One of the volunteer Insulin Pumpers administrators
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