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[IP] Bill Gates

I just took a little look over at the Gates 
Foundation web page http://www.gatesfoundation.org/, 
and I think it bears some consideration before 
any of us send them a letter.

According to their statement of purpose, their
"Global Health" Program is specifically oriented 
towards addressing health problems in developing
countries, particularly: vaccine preventable 
diseases, reproductive and child health, and 
conditions associated with poverty. Some kinds
of diabetes research might be relevant, but not
the kinds most of us are thinking of.

Their grant guidelines specifically exclude "Inter-
ventions that will provide substantial or earlier 
health benefits for industrialized countries."

I'm not saying that Melissa's letter shouldn't be 
sent; I'm just wondering if Bill Gates (or the 
Gates Foundation) is the right place to send it.

/Janet L. 

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