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Re: [IP] RE::WasMoira'sStory Now emergency/504 plan

<<Yep, this is the hammer. It they will not conduct a formal 504 
meeting and agree to a plan that IS ACCEPTABLE TO YOU AND YOUR 
PHYSICIAN, then it is real easy to make the s--t hit the fan. This is 
a requirement in federal law. I would suggest you contact the state 
department of education and request that the region's special needs 
advocate attend the meeting with you. They are there for the 
benefit of you and your child. Its free and  may bear as much weight 
with school systems as threatening a lawsuit. 

The next step if they won't cooperate is a formal complaint with the 
state and then the feds. Don't be bashful about demanding that this 
meeting be held ASAP (get the special needs person on the hook 

email @ redacted>>

We have been in contact with the state dept. of ed but was not aware that we 
could ask them to send an advocate to the meeting.  If things are not 
resolved to our satisfaction this week, I will be recontacting them.  I have 
been waiting for an updated medical plan from Cory's endo. We needed 
something dealing with the pump issues.  We gave the school a book - "A child 
in your school is pumping" -- something like that anyway.  We gave them lots 
of pump info but they need everything written up and signed by the endo.  
Twice this information was supposed to have been sent to me, but I've not 
received it.  Supposedly it was mailed again last Friday.  Let's hope it gets 
here tomorrow!
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