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Re: [IP] Warning to someone...

Maybe I should clarify....Norton has "always" caught and quarantined the
Snow White virus anytime it has been sent to my mail .....
I have not received one from IP list or I would be aware of it.
So I beleive the list is filtering anything coming in or most of it. I just
wanted to let the party know that nothing came in from IP list in the last
few days that Norton alerted me to.

...Sam Said:...
 It is extremely doubtful that anyone is getting this virus directly from
> the list. The filtering software that we use should be preventing that.
> However, if any list member has your email address in their address book,
> they could be unknowingly sending the virus to you.
> This type of virus (also known as a worm) grabs email addresses from
> programs like Outlook Express and MS Outlook. It then replicates itself
> send it out to email addresses listed in the address book. The infected
> person often doesn't even realize what's happening.
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