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Re: [IP] Warning to someone...

>  Just wanted you to know that I was sent the Snow white virus.  I
>  caught
> it without opening it up and deleted it immediately.  I wanted you all
> to know as I suspect it came from either here, or one other source I
> have.  I wanted to be sure you all knew about it and checked to make
> sure you all don't get it and open it by mistake!

Carrie, and others,

There are 2958 members so your note leaves quite a bit of room for 
speculation.  This virus has gained a rating from Norton's SARC for 
its distribution as being WIDE.  If you have one of the Anti-virus 
programs, such as Norton AV or McAfee VirusScan, they will 
innoculate the file that is sent and move the dangerous part into 
Quarantine.   You can then open the Text message and view the 
headers to discover who has been infected and sent you the file.  
The headers should look something like:

Return-Path: <MAILER-DAEMON>
Received: from spayne(bslk-85.LakesWEB.com[]) 
(31914 bytes) by mail.augustmail.com
	via smtpd with P:smtp/D:user/T:local
	(sender: <MAILER-DAEMON>) 
	id <m14HYEY-
email @ redacted>
	for <email @ redacted>; 

And you can see clearly above that I received it from spayne who's 
ISP was lakesweb.com     I've written to S Payne and we hope that 
she gets her infection cleared up soon.  You may get this from a 
member here or you could receive it from your mother (but we hope 
not)      :>)

George Lovelace
IP Admin
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