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Re: [IP] Warning to someone...

At 08:17 pm 2/4/01 Notha Stevens wrote:
 >I have been catching Snow White virus with Norton, and did not get a warning
 >from IP list (by Norton) You might want to check the other party you

It is extremely doubtful that anyone is getting this virus directly from 
the list. The filtering software that we use should be preventing that. 
However, if any list member has your email address in their address book, 
they could be unknowingly sending the virus to you.

This type of virus (also known as a worm) grabs email addresses from 
programs like Outlook Express and MS Outlook. It then replicates itself and 
send it out to email addresses listed in the address book. The infected 
person often doesn't even realize what's happening.

The best protection is prevention.

1. Use a up-to-date virus scanning program (updates come out as often as 
weekly, so update your copy often).

2. Never, never click (open) on attachments unless you are 350% sure what 
they are. People often get these viruses from friends and co-workers, so 
just because you know the sender, doesn't mean that an attachment is safe. 
The best practice is to write the sender and verify that they really meant 
to send the attachment to you... then manually scan the attachment with a 
virus scanner, just to be sure.

(been there, done that...)
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