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Re: [IP] Warning to someone...

Hi Carrie,

I've received this virus so many times through this group.  I belong to two 
other forums, and they have never seen this virus.  We blocked it through 
our e-mail program, Eudora, so if we receive it again, it will go 
immediately to trash.  Send an e-mail to the following internet provider, 
which seems to be the source of this virus. Whoever is spreading it, 
probably doesn't know they have it.

email @ redacted

My son traced the IP address to the above server in Springfield, MA, and he 
wrote them  the following:

Here's a header w/ message from an email sent from a user on your 
system.  Apparently containing the snowwhite virus.  I thought I'd notify 
you so your company can take proper action.  The nslookup results from resolve to 209-94-153-203.s203.tnt2.spng.ma.dialup.rcn.com, 
hence this letter.

At 08:10 PM 2/4/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi all!
>         Just wanted you to know that I was sent the Snow white virus.  I 
> caught
>it without opening it up and deleted it immediately.  I wanted you all
>to know as I suspect it came from either here, or one other source I
>have.  I wanted to be sure you all knew about it and checked to make
>sure you all don't get it and open it by mistake!
>Carrie, mom to Caitlyn, dx'd 20 months, almost 6 y.o. and pumping
>happily since July 2000
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