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[IP] Re: sof set switched to rapids


I have tried about all the sets MiniMed has to offer, but when I began using 
Rapids I couldn't believe the difference.  I tried returning to other sets to 
again give them a chance and every time go back to the rapids.  I sometimes 
hit a small capillary and the insulin won't work and besides it is quite 
uncomfortable to say the least.  I, therefore, have to remove it and start 
all over again, That doesn't work with most other sets, but with the rapid it 
is beautiful, I simply reinsert it not wasting a good set.  I want very much 
to use one of the sets that disconnect but stick to the rapids.  They never 
come out with sweating and activities.  Glad to find someone else that likes 
them.  Good luck.  If you ever find out that they have the ones that 
disconnect available in the U.S. please let me know.
Nancy D 36 years pumping 13 years.
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