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Re: [IP] Any Suggestions for Infusion Sites for slim bodies

Original message:
<I use the MM Soft-Set Micro with the auto-injector.  The only
comfortable site so far that I can find is on the top of my buttock just
below belt line.  My abdomen stung.  I attempted my thigh but that was
torture. Anyone have some suggestions?>

Hi Brian,

I used the sofsets initially with various problems but now use the
silhouettes, and have had almost no problems (for around 9 months now!).
There is no autoinjector, so it takes some courage the first time (the
needle is large, but it comes out once you have inserted the set); but
many of us on this list have had lots more success with the sils. You
may wish to ask MM for a sample. Another advantage of the sil--no need
to carry around the auto-injector in case a site goes "bad" and you need
to use another set.

Just a thought.

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