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[IP] insurance is bad for bgs

Hi everybody,
I have come to the conclusion that insurance companies
are bad for bgs.The claim for a pump+letter of medical
necessity was submitted two weeks back, and Friday I
called the insurance company just to make sure it got
there.It HASN'T.It certainly should've by now,it looks
like I'll have to resubmit it.Uggh.I don't know if
that was the straw that broke the camal's back,but
since Fri. night my bgs are absolutely wild.Not wild
as in bounceing,but wild as in all of my insulin has
decided to be totally resistent, but especially my
humalog.I am running 200-300, have had a constant
trace of ketones even with my solitary 122,am of
course urinating too much and drinking too much.The
nights are especially bad-from 6 pm to 8 am I am lucky
if I can get a 10 mg/4 U humalog decrease in blood
sugars.This is unusual for me as I am typiclly very
low in nighttime requirements(2-4H, 3 Lente) It isn't
a bad bottle, because I just changed both insulins.And
other then being hyper (lol) I am not ill.Are traces
accumalativly harmful? If this was small-moderate,I
wouldn't have a prob.with calling my doc now but all
they seem to tell you if you have trace is to drink
and urinate alot,which I've been doing way to much
already with no improvement. After how many days with
persistent traces should you contact your doctor? 
Thanks for any info,
Heidi (will I ever be pumping??)

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