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[IP] Re: Insulin inhaler could replace shots

I know diabetics on MDI are supposed to get excited about this new Insulin
Inhaler, but if I were still on MDI I wouldn't be excited about it.  There
are certainly people who really hate shots and for these people then this
really is great news.  Having said that, I think this topics falls into one
of the many misconceptions about Type 1 diabetes.  Have you ever had someone
who isn't diabetic try and understand why the pump is soooo much superior to
life with shots?  They think it's because it must be so much better than
the "pain" of taking the shots.  I've had people say to me "Oh, so don't
have to do those shots anymore...how wonderful".  But the truth is, if the
shots worked the way the pump did, I would gladly take the shots rather than
wear this thing.  The shots weren't the bad thing, it was the way I felt
when I was on them...the lack of consistent control.  Anyway, try explaining
that to your non diabetic friends!

My point is, to the general population this insulin inhaler might be seen as
something that's close to as good as "the cure".  The general population has
no idea what it feels like to have highs and lows and blood sugars that are
all over the place.  I met a woman who had been diabetic for 20 years and
she said when she got on the pump she couldn't talk about it without crying
(tears of joy) because her life was so much better.  Her life wasn't better
because she didn't have to take shots anymore, it was because she had better
control and more freedom.  They are saying that this inhaler is just as or
almost as effective as MDI.  Well, IMO that's not good enough! The pump
still rules!
kindest regards,
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