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Re: [IP] Anti-GAD antibodies...was "fitting in'

Barbara Bradley wrote:
> Natalie,
> I was wondering if your endo has evaluated you for anti-GAD
> antibodies? That would clearly put you in the Type 1
> category if they are present.

He's never suggested it. I'VE never suggested it, either. Part of me,
maybe more than 50% of me would rather not know!

It wouldn't change anything anyway -- I have been watching a slow but
steady decline in my insulin function over the years (8 years since
diagnosis) -- I really don't WANT it to go down to zero, and if I don't
know that it's auto-immune, then maybe it WON'T go down to zero. (Do you
notice some FEAR here???) 

I'm pretty comfortable "hanging out" with Type 1's and much less
comfortable with Type 2's just because I'm really not hassling the diet
and weight issues, and can see no benefit to trying oral meds when 25
units a day of insulin works so well for me.

So I guess I'll just stay on my fence -- the view is actually pretty
good from here, even though I don't get to chew the cud with the cows on
either side!!!!! 

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