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Re: [IP] sof sets switch to rapids

> I am having the best bg's with using the rapids sets now, it makes
> almost no sense, but I like it!  I have had to lower my basals from 12
> mn to 7am, .1, due to going low, and no, my basals are set right.  I
> have been using a rapid (s) for the last week, and then I used a sof
> set, and its not as good a bg as the rapid.  Does this make sense? 
> Even if not, I am using the rapids now, even if more expensive

According to prices quoted at both websites: Sof-set, 24 box, $205 
Rapids, 25 box, $148.   Who are you buying from?

> don't mind since insurance covers them.  The only place I had trouble
> before with rapids was my tummy as I punched it in more when tying a
> shoe and got major pain!  But now I can use the middle of my butt/back
> area more, and its easier to insert a rapid than it is a sof set back
> there! Just an FYI and to see if anyone else ever had this happen?

I like using the 6mm in my arm.  I keep my pump in an Arm Thing 
and switch sides when needed.  There is very good response to the 
insulin there.   I am back to using a mix of V and H.  My body 
seems to be reacting to the straight Humalog again.  Tunneling and 
knots where the infusion set was and a Tender only lasts 2-1/2 

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