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Re: [IP] donation of a pancreas

In a message dated 2/3/01 6:16:31 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< yes to do a whole pancreas transplant yes there are tissue compatiblities 
consider. however the islets could be used with no real problem. <snip>
 probably you could get enough islets to do about 12 transplants from one 
human pancreas.>>

At this point in time, with the current methods for cell retrieval, the 
protocols call for 2 cadaver organs per recipient (and one of the Edmonton 
people received 4 before he had enough working cells -- but I think the 
current trials are eliminating people as big as he is).  Donors and patients 
are being matched by blood type.

Current methods also call for a lifetime of immunosupressant drugs, which, 
while presumably a lot less dangerous than in the past, may not be quite what 
you would wish for for your child.  Best bet for you parents seeking to 
donate your pancreases after death is probably to stay alive and healthy 
helping the kids cope right now. :-)

Linda Z
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