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[IP] elephantiasis

>brian cater writes
 >Have you heard the latest?  The Gates Foundation donated $20 million to
> >eradicate Elephantiatis!   How common is that disease?
> lets remember not to attack people for giving to other causes..  atleast
> they are giving to help others.
natalie sera writes:
You're absolutely right, Brian!  And not only that, but Elephantiasis is
NOT uncommon in Africa -- causes a LOT of suffering, and those people
don't have the money even to get medical care, let alone find a cure!!!!
this disease is caused by a worm like parasite. curing this would help to
cure other filarial infections. its not because the patient has cosmetic
problems but there are other non cosmetic problems i hope that all diseases
will be eradicated then life would be ideal doctors try every day to put
themselves out of business the way dentits have almost done, spot
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