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Re: [IP] Bolus increase QUE for flu

> Ok, in to the 6th day of no ffod; even wehen I bolus for a smll tidbit I
> can keep down; the food bolu as well high bg correctoin boules son't sem to
> work at all!  The basal increase at 50-80% is doing pretty good but as sson
> So, do I need to increse the bolus ratios by the saem as I do for teh
> basals?  Is there anywjere I can find info on how to cope with feveres,
> flus etc ?  nothing in Pumping Insulin at all onthis one.

Unfortunately it is a YMMV thing. Don't expect it to be the same next 
time you have an illness. Guess ONLY, you bolus ratios probably 
remain unchanged. Again, YMMV.
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