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Re: [IP] Gates donates to Elephantiasis, technically known as Lymphatic Filariasis

Folks, why are we getting all twisted up about this?

We all agree that it's important for money to go to
diabetes research.

I hope we all agree that diabetes isn't the only 
serious medical condition that needs research funding.

I hope we all agree that Bill Gates has the right to 
decide where to donate his money. (And that we have the
right to try to influence him.)

So, what's the issue?

As wombn pointed out, medical research is not a zero-
sum game: the benefits of medical research don't just 
affect the targeted disease. I have a friend with 
multiple sclerosis who's on a cocktail of different
drugs for her condition, and *not one* of them was 
originally developed to treat MS. There's evidence that 
Viagra may be an effective treatment for gastropareisis. 
A doctor told me a few days ago that Cox-2 inhibitors, 
which are now being used to treat arthritis pain, were 
originally developed for use in animals. Pacemaker 
technology is being used to treat Parkinson's disease. 
Medical research often turns out to be applicable to 
things that nobody could have guessed.

Also, If elephantiasis is cured or its incidence cur-
tailed in Africa and other parts of the world where it 
is common, that will mean that more health care resources 
will be able to go to coping with other diseases, including 

We can promote funding for diabetes research without
stating or implying that other diseases are getting more
attention than they deserve.


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