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Re: [IP] Open letter to Michael

> At 03:09 pm 2/2/01 Michael wrote:
>  >The mail staff is on duty 24/7 to answer your questions, help with
>  >subscriptions and keep the peace when flames erupt:
>  >
>  >Sue Tappendorf
>  >Sam Skopp
>  >David N. Flagg
>  >George Lovelace
>  >Paul Whitaker
>  >Fran Baumgartner
>  >Susan Fisher
>  >Elizabeth Davis
>  >Brian Carter
>  >Alan Reed
>  >Shelly Fast
>  >Mike Jensen
>  >Erik Wold
>  >Susanne Nawrath
>  >John Neale
>  >Diana Maynard
> I didn't know we were supposed to be on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a 
> week... you mean I've been Sleeping With Out Permission (SWOP), when I was 
> supposed to be guarding the front gate?? Do we need to ask before going to 
> work, visiting relatives or running up to the grocery store?? <sigh> So now 
> I have to be worried about the IPs (Insulin Police) knocking on my door at 
> 3am! Arrgghhh!! :-)

When you consider the time zones all the admin's live in, SOMEONE is 
always up. So credit is given where due. :-) Europe, Austrialia, NZ, 
E&W of N. America

Seriously, you folks give so freely of your time and deserve credit 
for your very generous service.

email @ redacted
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