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[IP] why choose? cure both!

Type I diabetes in Africa
(When my son was diagnosed in 1995 and I was standing
in line at the pharmacy window with my first ever
prespription for diabetes supplies, I overheard, to my
horror, a mother talking to her son about which things
they could afford and which things they couldn't.  She
was forcing him to choose between insulin injections
and blood tests because apparently, they couldn't
afford both!  This was not in an underdeveloped
country, this was here in the U.S.)

Elephantiasis in tropical countries (Cause A tiny,
white parasitic nematode worm, Wuchereria bancrofti
transmitted by mosquitos)

Both diseases seem worthy of increased research
funding to eradicate them, don't they?  I would never
pretend to diminish the devastating short and long
term consequences of Type I diabetes but others seem
compelled to do just that it seems.  Curious.  It must
be a survival or coping mechanism.  But it the end,
denial serves to empower nothing more than the status

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