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[IP] Civility and research

Jim wrote:

"The responses people
have made have been pretty much based on understanding of the science of
diabetes, including nutrition science, a pretty good understanding of
endocrinology at least as far as diabetes is concerned, knowledge of pump
insulin functions, etc.  These are based on research, which is objective and
is replicable. "

Thank you for your comments, Jim.  I appreciate your input.  I do have a
question, though, I am interested in reading this research and nutrition
science that indicates that the nutritive content of food, and not just the
CHO (as my husband described in his post just after my post about civility
in discourse), does not affect BG.  Please let me know where I may find this
research because I am quite interested in reading it and learning more.

BTW, I completely agree with your comment,

"For example, if someone thinks that eating sunflower
seeds will lower one's blood sugar, and eats several handfuls when they are
high, it could conceivably precipitate a bout of DKA, which *IS* a life
threatening situation."

Sayer and I have never suggested that anyone use the information he
presented to treat hyperglycemia.  This would indeed be dangerous and, to
correct any misunderstanding, Sayer does not use this information himself to
treat hyperglycemia.  We have only suggested that people be especially
vigilant of the direction of their BG if they happen to be eating these
foods and to be one of those Type 1's that does produce a little bit of
insulin (albeit in an inadequate amount to regulate the body's BG without
introducing insulin through shots or pump).

Blessings and Peace.
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