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[IP] elephantiasis

Well, it's a little confusing to me just exactly which
disease Gates is funding.  Is it elephantiasis, or
neurofibromatosis or Proteus Syndrome?  Or does it not
have anything at all to do with John Merrick (the
elephant man) as I presumed it would?  

Personally, I don't have any problem with him
supporting any one of the above mentioned diseases but
it would be even better if he could understand Type I
and support it as well.  I've tried using the Gates
Foundation website to put in a request but it seems
impossible to navigate and put in a novel and original
request for research funding.

P.S.  I just re-visited the Gatesfoundation page and
it seems they indeed contribute 20 mil to
elephantiasis but I wonder if they know that that's
not what Merrick had...

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