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[IP] Cheers to NBC

I just watched the 'Today Show' on NBC this morning (while frantically
purchasing Cleveland Indians Tickets ... WAHOO ... I got opening day!!!) and
they did a story with a physician regarding our latest topic of controversy
... the rise in Type II diabetes in children and young adultselating
specifically to physical inactivity and eating fairly poor foods.  he focused
on how some of that population consider a 20 oz bottle of soda and a small
bag of chips a 'snack,' but that it actually has more calories than most
meals.  And that that 'snack' will be consumed while sitting on the couch in
front of the TV.

They did a wonderful job of differentiating the difference between the two
types and the MD was very strong in saying that there is a difference between
the two and that Type II could usually be prevented in the younger
population.  Hip Hip Hooray!

He also focused on that fact that some parents practice the 'do as I say not
as I do' way and will sit on the couch watching TV while telling their
children to go outside and run!  Thank you NBC!

This MD hit the nail right on the head.  Now if only the other media outlets
will practice responsible journalism as NBC did this morning!

Roxanne Villanueva RD, LD
Cleveland, Ohio
IDDM X 18+ years, pumping 6+ years.
Remember...Diabetics are naturally sweet!
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