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[IP] Civility in Discourse

I had a political science professor in college named Marko Haggard who began
every class by saying,  "Let us agree to disagree agreeably."

I was quite frankly surprised at how personal were some of the criticisms of
my posts about foods that my husband believes create downward pressure in
his blood pressure.

"Heidi, if you really do believe that sunflower seeds cause hypos in the
middle of the night, then I don't think you need to worry about a little
wine in the cooking pot. Your husband needs to first focus on setting his
basals right."

"Well, as we say on this list YMMV, but there are so many dangerous things
you have said in this email, that they should not be left standing. Someone
might actually believe that what you say might be more widely true."

"I personally think it is a basal or activity problem or could even be that
he believes his sugar will go down and so it does maybe from his body
responding to it better maybe not....The mind is a Very powerful thing."

"Thanks for this information Heidi. It explains everything. It is good
evidence the your sweet husband does indeed have his basals set too high. I
do congratulate him on his ability to keep his BG so low, but it surely does
require extreme and continuous vigilance to keep those hypos from doing
damage. - -wayne"

I have presented information based on my husband's personal experience with
various foods.  He is not an ignoramus when it comes to setting his basal
rates and is extremely careful about analyzing what he has and has not done
to determine where a low or a high may be coming from.  But people have thus
far concluded out of hand that his lows that follow the eating of certain
foods were based on incorrect basal rates, ignorance, and psychosomatics.
These are people who have no idea who he is, but have simply made judgments.
All I have asked of them is to perform a little investigation before blowing
off the information and attacking it as dangerous.  BTW, how exactly is it
that this information would be dangerous? How is being aware that different
foods may affect BG's differently if your pancreas is still capable of
producing insulin dangerous?

There is a lot caring in this group and I am grateful for the responses I
received that were actually responsive to my original question (wine and
cooking).  The spaghetti sauce was wonderful and the company a delight.  I
welcome a reasoned discussion of information.  You are welcome to disagree
with me.  Judgments, condescension,  and personal attacks, however, are
quite unnecessary and unwelcome.

Blessings and Peace to you all.
Heidi O. Strauch.
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