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Re: [IP] 25-55?

> > But with regard to what is the role for those 25- 55, that's simple.
> > We are the ones who are supposed to give the money :-).  And that's
> > even more important than walking in the Walks (though you can still
> > do that at any age). - -wayne
> Well, I'm glad to hear that research by JDRF is for both types but am
> not happy with the answer that my age group is for giving the money. 
> If that is all they want me for I'm not sure I'm interested in them. I
> still feel like we type 1 adults are in limbo, no support or
> information or group interaction....
> Faith

Guess what, Faith? You are in your new support group full of adult 
type 1's right now.  This IS the interaction of sharing information. 
Although this group needs money too, what we really want from 
you is to advocate and educate for Pumping Insulin, and to let 
everyone you know how valuable life can become when you are 
Pumping Insulin.    ;>)      Happy Pumping!

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