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[IP] Who is candidate for pump?

In MYopinion anyone who is type 1 (not producing insulin) is a GOOD candidate 
PUMP.  I would demand/ask any doctor/person/nut that says someone with Type 
1, to please explain to me what makes a Type 1 NOT a GREAT candidate for a 
Thanks for listening to my venting!
I do not have it in me for anyone making decisions with my son's life or mine 
without my VOICE being heard.  Then if they don't listen, well, then I just 
get a 2nd or 3rd or 20th opinion. 
Darlene - Mom to Kap - age 10 - pumping 1/19/00 - dxd 8/26/98
"it reminds me of when Kap was on MDI and the endo asked Kap is he wanted to 
get another injection during the day - any child or adult would say no, yet 
Kap wanted to fell better, Kap told him he wanted the pump."  He told him he 
was too young!  
That was our last visit with that endo, pump was delivered within 6 weeks of 
that conversation using another endo."
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