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[IP] Re: Yet another widget....

> 3-4 days!!  No WAY!!!
> kelly

I think that when they say 'implant' that they mean it in the same
way as our infusion sets are an 'implant'.  It is the same as a
needle and will last about as long as an infusion set with a yearly
cost of $2,281.25, using the most optimistic figures (4 day use at

PS,  Why was the entire article posted when the comment was on only
one statement?  With 2,800? listmates I don't think that we need to
worry about filling space.  Although my few remaining brain cells
are dying of loneliness, I can still look up the original post if I
would need to.

>>``We must
>> first make the device biocompatible, scale it down
>> and make the needle
>> smaller, and improve the electronics,'' he said in
>> the interview.
>> Ultimately, Wang foresees a device that costs
>> between $25 and $30 and is
>> implanted for 3 to 4 days and then replaced.

Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
dx 10/66, D H-Tron 7/93, Hb A1c 5.9
A great obstacle to happiness is to expect too much
 - Bernard de Fontenelle
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