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[IP] "dangerous" sunflower seeds

The kind gentleman has taken issue with the information I provided, stating:

"Well, as we say on this list YMMV, but there are so many dangerous
things you have said in this email, that they should not be left
standing.  Someone might actually believe that what you say might be
more widely true. Salt is pH neutral and does not change blood
acidity.  It surely does not lower anybody's BG.  And I will bet
anyone any amount of money that if a type 1 diabetic eats molasses,
their BG will go up in direct proportion to how much of this
carbohydrate rich food they eat.   Those are just some of the
concerns over this whole concept of "downward pressure" on BG, but
99% of  any such "downward pressure" is related to how much insulin
we diabetics have in our blood stream.   Thus if there is any
downward pressure after eating zero CHO foods like cukes, it is
entirely due to the fact that his basals are set too high.-wayne"

If these foods have no affect on blood sugar except as they relate to
carbohydrate content, then I don't see how the knowledge or belief in their
downward pressure would be "dangerous".  If one were to bolus purely based
on CHO and the information I have shared is untrue, then there will be no
adverse effect.   However, if one were to take the Kind Gentleman's view
that what I have said is "dangerous" bunkum, it could indeed be dangerous to
eat these foods, bolus as if there is nothing at work except matching the
bolus to the CHO, and be blissfully unaware of why we are experiencing a
hypo.  By being aware of the possibility that they may create downward
pressure, one may actually decide to be more alert about one's blood sugar
at that time.  If it has downward pressure for you, then you can at least
keep an eye on it.  If it doesn't, then Godspeed and have a wonderful day.

Assuming that one's pancreas still has some ability to produce insulin,
perhaps it would be better to try these foods ignoring the idea that they
have downward pressure and see what happens, rather than simply declaring
that what I write is incorrect and dangerous.  But please do not drive a car
without being alert to your BG.

BTW, if my husband is so ignorant about diabetes management, why is his
Hemoglobin 5.6?

Heidi O. Strauch (wife of Sayer: dx 4/87, MM 507 1/98)

P.S.  The Kind Gentleman, and all others, are still welcome for spaghetti
dinner, if you can make it to Clatskanie, Oregon by 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time.
I won't be serving any sunflower seeds, although there will be plenty of the
Cabernet Sauvignon left for the glass from my cooking because my husband
will not touch the stuff.
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