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Re: [IP] Wine, cooking...and Sunflower Seeds

Well, as we say on this list YMMV, but there are so many dangerous 
things you have said in this email, that they should not be left 
standing.  Someone might actually believe that what you say might be 
more widely true.  Salt is pH neutral and does not change blood 
acidity.  It surely does not lower anybody's BG.  And I will bet 
anyone any amount of money that if a type 1 diabetic eats molasses, 
their BG will go up in direct proportion to how much of this 
carbohydrate rich food they eat.   Those are just some of the 
concerns over this whole concept of "downward pressure" on BG, but 
99% of  any such "downward pressure" is related to how much insulin 
we diabetics have in our blood stream.   Thus if there is any 
downward pressure after eating zero CHO foods like cukes, it is 
entirely due to the fact that his basals are set too high.

<<<<<<<"Heidi, if you really do believe that sunflower seeds cause hypos in
the middle of the night, then I don't think you need to worry about a
little wine in the cooking pot.   Your husband needs to first focus
on setting his basals right.  ">>>>>

<<<<<<<<<<<<When I asked advice about cooking with wine, I made a 
tangential reference
to sunflower seeds-- that they cause extreme lows--and got a lot of
questions about it, as well as the above skepticism, so I will try to
    My husband generally avoids certain foods as causing downward pressure in
blood sugar.  It's not that downward pressure is bad, of course, it just
makes management more difficult if the pressure is unpredictable.  In any
event, some of the foods that cause downward pressure for him (YMMV) are:
sunflower seeds, barley, cucumber, molasses, and eggs.  >>>>>>>>>
The sunflower seeds,as I said in my earlier post, can profoundly 
affect blood sugar levels (and
it's got nothing to do with basals).
     If he's experiencing a high and is having trouble bringing himself down he
will eat a little bit of salt and this really helps bring it down (by
encouraging better acid/alkaline balance). He has to be careful, though,
because it can bring him down more quickly than you might expect.
    Heidi O. Strauch (wife of Sayer: dx 4/87, MM 507 1/98)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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