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[IP] RE: Animas Rumours

>it seems like there is always something on here bashing one
>pump company over the other.  

I've seen some of this. But frankly, what I've seen 
more of is people getting offended over perceived 
"bashing" of their chosen pump, to the point of not 
being able to get a joke.

I would like to be able to say why I like my pump, 
or to frankly discuss the differences between one 
pump and another, without being accused of "bashing" 
another pump or pump company. Unfortunately, this 
does not seem to be possible. I know that we're all
very, er, *attached* to our pumps, but let's try to
keep a little perspective. I am not my pump.

>i think it is time that this ends.  everyone
>has choosen the pump they use because there is some feature on it that that
>they like better than the another one.  


/Janet L.

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