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Re: [IP] proteinuria scare

It's good that you are on top of this.  It's something to be evaluated by a 
nephrologist, who is a kidney specialist.  A website explaining proteinuria is:


It can be an occasional find in your urine, or it might signal something 
more serious.  Will your MD be referring you to the appropriate 
specialist?  A nephrologist might do more testing, perhaps an ultrasound, 
CT scan, blood work, etc.  Your kidney function is the most important 
finding here.  Did your MD tell you how your kidney function measured?  I 
assume they drew blood when you turned in the 24 hr. urine collection?

Keep us posted.

Diane :-)

At 03:38 PM 2/2/2001 +1300, you wrote:
>Hi gang
>Just back from my annual check up.  Was asked to do a 24 hour collection as
>I have protein (1+) in my urine.  I'm a long-term diabeteic and have
>spilled protein for at least 17 years, but last year seemed to have reached
>the point where there was no protein showing up.  I'm spooked and fear
>kidney problems more than anything else.  Can anybody offer me ideas about
>what protein in urine actually means?  I have heard that it may be a
>reflection of lots of exercise.  I've spent two days hiking this past week
>and walked numerous miles with my dog and lifted weights at the gym...could
>that explain anything?  Thanks for any info or support.
>email @ redacted
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