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[IP] Re: wearing pump

> The only problem I have, is going to the bathroom.  Usually, I just whip
down my pants.  Now I use caution. >

> > Boy, is THAT the truth!  I always think about where the tubing is, where
the site is, if the tubing is in my underwear or outside, or in the middle
pocket of my Unique nightshirt or hanging off my belt, whether I'm going to
zip over it, holding the case on my belt while stuffing my sweater in my skirt
or pants and pulling up my underwear -whew-takes longer than normal. > >

I've been doing this with 4 diff. pumps over the last 17.5 years starting with
the checkbook box size pump to the present. I'm so used to it I personally
don't see a problem and wouldn't give up the privilege of pumping. However, I
often wonder if other people are wondering what's taking me so long in the
stall: pull up my underwear, my pantyhose, slacks, tuck in all the tubing
straight (I have had no delivery alarms with improperly tucked tubing), fasten
my belt. Others jerk up their underwear, flush, and leave the restroom. I do
all that and stop to wash my hands and protect them when opening that same
door the *germies* did. (~_^)
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