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Re: [IP] cures for idm

At 06:15 pm 2/1/01 Andrew Bender, M. D. wrote:
 >>>I too found this a bit difficult to believe.  I called an alternative
 >medicine doctor (for my son, mostly for hyperactivity issues) and when I
 >gave my son's medical background to his associate, she assured me that
 >the Dr. could get my son off of insulin.
 >I did not follow through with the appt, but, found it interesting.<<
 >I had a chiropractor I know tell me that three or four visits to his office
 >and Lauren would be "off insulin for good!" It's laughable, but not when you
 >consider the damage that could do to an uneducated or desperate person!
 >Well, if there were only a few days between visits, i'd be dead, then for
 >sure i wouldn't need insulin. like my old chinese herbalist who said i'd be
 >off insulin if i took certain recommended herbs. they smelled s bad you
 >culdn't get them past your lips. spot, ugggh phew!

Aren't there laws against practicing medicine without a license?? In any 
case, wouldn't these practitioners also be opening themselves up to some 
horrendous lawsuits??

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