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[IP] Animas Pump

>I am about to go on the pump. I've been approved for either the
>Minimed 508 or Animas r-1000 and I'm trying to evaluate which
>would be best for me. I'm leaning toward the Animas because it
>has the technology now that the Minimed will have with their new
>511 whenever. The problem is my health care team only knows
>Minimed and are pretty much against anything new without a lot of
>history. I would like to hear from any one that has had any
>experience with both. Once I choose I'm sure my insurance co.
>would'nt like me to change my mind. Any input would be


Just went to a pump meeting in the area and met some other pumpers. There was
a CDE there (type 1), that has tried all 3 pumps and is now using the Animas
pump. This impressed me....I am looking for a pump right now. I have been
skeptical about the Animas since it is so new. She was telling me how much she
like to compared to the other pumps. I have seen it and it looks much easier
to use. But, I am still in the decision process....and hoping the insurance
company will come to come to some kind of decision (hopefully, the one I wanna
hear) sometime soon.
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