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Re: [IP] Wine and cooking

As long as I drink wine with a meal and don't drink more 
than about 6 fluid ounces (one large glass) at a time, I don't 
notice a problem with my blood sugars. If I drink any more
than that, I'm careful to check my blood sugar diligently 
and not to go to bed until I'm sure that everything is a-okay.

And when we go wine-tasting, I spit out what I taste in
the dump bucket. I don't bother explaining that I'm diabetic. 
If they ask, I just say that I'm the desginated driver (which 
is true). Of course, some wines are harder to spit out than 
others. And even if you spit, you always swallow a tiny bit
-- but not enough to noticeably affect either blood sugar or 

By the way, spitting out what you taste is is a good way to 
convince the tasting room staff that you're serious about wine. 
They figure you're *really* interested in the taste of the wine
and they start bringing out stuff from behind the counter that 
they're not officially pouring that day. That's how my husband 
and I got to taste a whole bunch of Ravenswood single-vineyard 
Zins one day.  Heh heh heh.

/Janet L.

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