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Re: [IP] FreeStyle software and cable

> Has anyone test driven the FreeStyle software and cable? Has anyone been
able to get it for free? <

I regularly use the FreeStyle Meter (and love it). I have purchased the
software and cable.

The software system does work (i.e. you can download the meter to the PC)
and I do use it to make an archival copy of my data. Beyond that I do not
much care for the software.

A couple of the issues I have are:

-    Unable to combine data from more than 1 meter into a single report
-    Unable to edit the data in any way. i.e. if  you measure anyone else's
BG when you are showing the meter you are stuck with their value in your
report. Similarly if you forget to mark a control test when you run it you
are stuck with the value.
-    Can not manually enter additional data (say from another meter).

Generally the design philosophy is that the patient is not to be trusted
with the data and I HATE that. I like the Lifescan InTouch software much
more than this system.
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