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>Thursday February 1 3:18 PM ET
>Researchers Develop Dual Glucose-Insulin Sensor 
>By Kirell Lakhman

>To combat these imbalances, patients are prescribed insulin either as a pill 
>or via an implantable sensor and pump that monitors the level of glucose in 
>the blood and, when that level climbs too high, injects a prescribed amount 
>of insulin directly in the skin.


>Roughly 95% have type 2 diabetes, which means 
>that they produce inadequate or inconsistent amounts of insulin. People with 
>type 1 diabetes, by comparison, do not generate insulin at all.

Not completely wrong, but a stupid way to describe the difference.

Argh. No wonder people believe all these stupid things about
diabetes. They read it in REUTERS HEALTH!!!!!


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