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Re: [IP] Re: School nurse: Help!

> Moira said:
> Can someone PLEASE give me a simple way to explain basal to her
> (how it works in the body --- why it does
> NOT peak and you do not have to feed it) so I can get her to
> UNDERSTAND??? It's really bothering Lauren quite a bit.

The way I explained it to my mom is sort of like this:

Our livers--yours, mine, everyone's-- trickles out glucose 24 hours a 
day.  This way we can breathe, our hearts can beat, our brains can 
think and we can move around even when we're not digesting 
anything and our tummies and intestines are *empty*.

It makes it possible for us to "go out and hunt down our breakfast" 
if we need to.  It's a fantastic example of conservation of energy:  
What we don't use from our meal gets stored in the liver for use 
later on.  But it also means we need a constant trickle of insulin 
too, so that we can actually *use* that constant glucose trickle.

Lente, Ultralente (in other words--**slowly absorbed** insulin) and 
pump basals match that trickle of glucose with a trickle of insulin.

Whereas injections of fasting-action insulin (Regular and Humalog) 
and pump boluses match the glucose that's coming out of our 
intestines shortly after a meal.

Before becoming diabetic just over a year ago, I hadn't the 
SLIGHTEST clue that our bodies were like this.  All I knew was 
that diabetics needed insulin and sugar but I had NO clue why.  I'm 
shocked and very dismayed that a nurse doesn't have that 
seemingly *basic* understanding of all our metabolisms!

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