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Re: [IP] School nurse: Help!

I think that the suggestions you've gotten for dealing with
this problem are very good: sic an MD on this nurse, and/or
go over her head to the school administration.

But, FYI, here's how I would explain it:

"There's always a little bit of glucose in a person's blood, 
even when the person hasn't eaten in a while. Glucose is
stored and released by the liver and other tissues so the 
body can use it as fuel. So a person always needs to have 
a little bit of insulin in the blood, too. That's the why people 
who take insulin by injection take long-acting insulin as 
well as the short-acting insulin they take for meals: the 
long-acting insulin provides a "background" level of insulin 
to deal with this constant presence of glucose in the blood. 
One of the problems with long-acting insulin is that it is
taken only once or twice a day. It's hard to make it match
precisely the amount of insulin the body needs at any given
time. Lots of factors affect how much insulin a person 
needs at different times of day. So most people on insulin 
injections have to eat snacks between meals, when their 
long-acting insulin is out of balance with their body's needs. 
But the pump only uses short-acting insulin. The basal rate 
(a continual dribble of tiny amounts of short-acting insulin) 
is used instead of long-acting insulin. If the basal rate is 
adjusted properly, it matches the user's need for insulin at
different times of the day. Insulin and blood glucose balance 
each other, and the person doesn't need to eat extra snacks to 
keep from going low."

You probably also want to explain that the pump doesn't entirely 
eliminate lows; what it does eliminate is the need for scheduled

I can't remember how this is explained in "Pumping 
Insulin"; for all I know, their explanation is much better,
and this nurse is just set in her ways.

/Janet L.

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