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Re: [IP] School nurse: Help!

First, in your own way, you should mention to the nurse that Lauren heard her 
remark to the other teacher and the remark bothers the whole family.  That 
will probably slow the nurse's gossiping down a bit.  As for explaining the 
technical advice, why don't you have a "staffing" which is a meeting of all 
your daughters' teachers and nurse, and have someone (either yourself, 
husband, nurse educator, JDRF volunteer, whoever) explain the pump to the 
entire group.  Most of the group will understand the basel concept, and the 
nurse will no longer act as gatekeeper to the school staff.  Bad mouthing you 
to other teachers shows that she does not see herself as your advocate, so 
you have to minimize her role.  The answer to the basel is that  there is 
ALWAYS glucose present in the blood and body; or you would be dead!  So, the 
basel is an even drip to address this phenomena.  You know more than the 
nurse about diabetes and the pump, and the staffing would illuminate this to 
the school.  This nurse, however nice she has been in the past, sounds 
neither supportive or smart.  Try to forget about her senseless remark, this 
kind of stuff goes with the territory.  There is a Mom at our school who is 
always in the teachers' faces, and the teachers talk about her  behind her 
back.  Well, guess what?  This Mom has helped all of the diabetic families at 
the school.  And she gets action too.  The school is not necessarily your 
friend when it comes to diabetes - or any special needs of children for that 
Good luck.  Be assertive.
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