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Re: [IP] Animas Rumours

Matthew B.-

  <can't wait to buy a sticker with Calvin urinating on a Dis or Animas 

now this should REALLY put across a positive perspective for potential 
pumpers who might see this, not to mention children (D or not!)..company 
bashing should not be tolerated on this list (Michael..?).  Any feelings on 
this please!!  Pump therapy is what this list is all about, NO MATTER WHICH 
PUMP SOMEONE CHOOSES.  Let's all try and keep this in perspective.  I'm glad 
my son doesn't look at this list note.  He is on a Disetronic and is living 
as close to a'normal' life that he can since his dx at age 5 almost 4 years 
ago.  Someone elses child might be reading these postings.  Why would you put 
something like this on here??

mom to Joshua  age nine!!!
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