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[IP] School nurse: Help!


Well, we are into our second week of pumping and it's coming along . . . a
lot of thinking and working out but we are getting there. One huge issue I
have is that our school nurse, usually a complete doll, cannot grasp the
concept of the basal rate. She keeps calling me and insisting I should be
feeding Lauren snacks saying "If there's insulin going into her, there has
to be food too!" I have tried to explain the basal rate, I have read to her
from the John Walsh book, yet yesterday Lauren overheard the nurse telling a
teacher we were doing it wrong and the basal MUST be lowering her blood
sugar and she will some day have a bad low. Can someone PLEASE give me a
simple way to explain basal to her (how it works in the body --- why it does
NOT peak and you do not have to feed it) so I can get her to UNDERSTAND???
It's really bothering Lauren quite a bit.


Mom of Lauren, 9, new pumper
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