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[IP] fluorescein angiography

Have other people had the fluorescein angiography? My endo strongly
suggests that I get it but my eye doctor will not do it because there is a
risk of death associated with it if I remember correctly. What are other
people's experience with it? - Maura -
yes, you could be allergic to the fluorescein dye used, i am but just have
a technicolor yawn. sometime you get hives. go see an ophthalmologist who
is a retinal specialist. it isn't just a test, the person doing it and
looking at the films should be experienced in doing it, this person sounds
like he never did one. taking an over the counter benedryl capsule can
prevent or reduce any reactions. the worst problem is peeing gold for a
week after it. sara smarty pants is an expert at this test. i guess those
of us who died will not be responding on list. it is possible, yes,
probable not really. Spot
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