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RE: [IP] Wine and cooking

Heidi Olsen [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> My husband is diabetic and using the pump.  I'm still 
> learning what we can
> and cannot use in cooking to avoid hypos (i.e. sunflower seeds are
> definitely taboo at dinnertime bcs they have severe downward 
> pressure that
> catches up with him in the middle of the night in a nasty 
> way).  In any
> event, I would like to cook spaghetti sauce with red wine in it.  I am
> assuming that the cooking process will get rid of the alcohol 
> and leave the
> flavor, but I don't want to assume and have him experience a 
> 1 a.m. hypo.
> I've looked in several recipe books for diabetes diets, but 
> none of them
> talk about using alcohol in cooking, only drinking it out of 
> a glass (or
> bottle I suppose =})

Go for it.  Most (not all) of the alcohol is evolved off in the cooking, but
the amount of alcohol one normally introduces into a sauce is really quite
small, probably little enough to be trivial for a single serving.  OTOH, as
long as it is accounted for, one should also (IMHO) withhold a portion of
the wine for consumption with the meal.  The amount of alcohol in a glass of
wine taken with a meal probably will not have a significant effect.  If
you're concerned, he can reduce his meal bolus slightly.

Jim Handsfield
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mailto:email @ redacted

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