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Re: [IP] ready to quit the pump-help

In a message dated 02/28/2000 5:39:06 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Our daughter has always had 
 AICs in the 6 range.  This is our first high one at 7.4; and it was on the 
 pump!  What a disappointment.  It doesn't make sense that we aren't 
 successful at this.   We believe in the technology and we care so much about 
 our daughter.  >>

I can see your frustration.  What were your goals when you started on the 
pump with her?  Were you aiming for less hypos?  greater freedom?  An A1c in 
the 6 range is great, but was she getting it being stable or with a lot of 
ups and downs?  If she was stable on MDI and happy with the regime, I'd say 
go back to it for awhile.  But I don't know too many that are stable/happy on 

I eat a lot of times a day too.  Usually six small meals (or snacks).  But I 
try to do them at the same times so I can see a pattern to adjust basals/ 
carb ratios.  If she's eating a bite here and there and trying to bolus for 
each in close time increments, its no wonder you're having a hard time.  It 
makes it hard to tell where the post-prandnial (sp?), 2 hr after meal bg is 
if she eats again 1 hr after the last.  And then there are the fats/ proteins 
that will raise bg hours later.

Wish I knew some magic wisdom to help, but please know my heart goes out to 
you and your daughter.

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