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[IP] pizza, in general; pizza hut in specific

I love you guys and these wacky threads that sometimes develop!

I really agree with Sara, except for that one point about Pizza Hut being so great.  And from a New Yorker, no less!  All that great pizza at your disposal. . .

I do consider pizza a god-given right, similar to French Fries, doughnuts, and the occasional fried anything.  One strategy I haven't seen mentioned a lot here, but which I use all the time, is small corrective boluses for difficult foods.  If I'm eating pizza, I usually do a dual bolus to cover as best I can.  But I also test frequently after eating and correct as necessary.  I may take several units a few hours later, or do a temporary basal or square wave for awhile.  To me, pizza is well worth the price of doing a few more steps afterwards.


> you say he likes Pizza Hut...yet you won't take him anymore cuz you can't
> control the high numbers...I just don't agree with this thinking.  What is a
> few hours or a day of high numbers?
> Sara
> - ----------------------------------------------------------
> saying Pizza Hut is like Ben and Jerry's is AS BAD as
> saying that Lender's (or even Strathmore or Einstein Brothers)  is a
> real bagel.....let's get a real pizza into the picture.  Steve Winer - Dad to Allie

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