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[IP] pizza wars

Steve wrote
>  I don't want to start a war here but really folks.....maybe those of 
>  us here in New York are spoiled by the plethora of REAL pizza 
>  places but saying Pizza Hut is like Ben and Jerry's is AS BAD as 
>  saying that Lender's (or even Strathmore or Einstein Brothers)  is a 
>  real bagel. 

well as long as you aren't wanting to start a war, just remember that it was 
MY post and I "personally" consider Pizza Hut to be quite divine- tee heee!!  
Especially the stuffed crust kind - mama mia - despite the  hell it wreaks on 
my bg.  and just as an FYI... I do LIVE in NYC, in Manhattan, as a matter of 
fact, and while, yes, I agree that John's and Lombardis are what you might 
consider "real" pizza, it is still Pizza Hut for which I am willing to 
sacrifice "control."

But I am with ya on the bagels....Lenders...ughhhh....dirty

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