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[IP] Rodney

I am sooo sorry to hear about all this, you poor dear person!  You have 
always been such an inspiration to me, and I send my very best wishes to you, 
along with what passes for prayers with me.

On the subject of IV insulin....I know this is gonna sound wierd coming from 
me....but maybe consider letting them do it....YOU just be in charge of the 
basal and bolus amounts...test every hour and make sure you know the 
percentage of insulin in that bag, and how much carbs you are getting in your 
iv.   Having the insulin via IV may make it easier for YOU to keep the 
control  This way you won't have to worry about bad insulin, deteriorated 
site, etc., and you can concentrate of getting better?

Just a thought...otherwise, you know me, hang tough Rod...don't let those 
"pro's"get you down, and remember....to SMILE...it makes them wonder what you 
are up to!!

Love Sara
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