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[IP] Re:Alarm clocks

I had a good laugh about your alarm clock and where you put it because that 
is what I have to do now. At first I was getting up no problem but now as 
the weeks go by and I still have to get up so much because of the lows I 
seem to not hear the alarm or maybe it just is not going off lol. I put mine 
way over on the dresser so I have to get up out of bed to shut it off.But 
last night I still managed to miss the 2am alarm and woke up at 3am. Good 
thing I woke up Ryan was 2.7  I am not sure if I did not hear it or it did 
not work. I have never slept through an alarm before but have never lacked 
so much sleep either.
Anyway your story gave me a good laugh.
Lori mom to Ryan
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