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[IP] Re: scales and obs/comp

I have had diabetes 22 years, on pump  7 months  - I haven't used a scale in 
years and it made my life much easier.  I began with some of the comparisons 
like an ounce of meat is about the palm of your hand (or something like that- 
don't quote me).  My A1C's stay at 7 or lower.  Knock on wood- I haven't had 
any major complications (have never passed out)  For people that aren't quite 
so obsessive/compulsive about the whole ounce thing I hate to discourage them 
from using the pump just because they don't want to use the scales!!!  
There's always more ways than one.  A great book to use at home and eating 
out is:  The Diabetes Carbohydrate and Fat Gram Guide  by Lea Ann 
Holzmeister, RD, CDE.  I wish everyone the best.  I am afraid I am dropping 
out of the digest: too time consuming, too much repeat, to much obsessive 
compulsive behaviors (which I know has been wonderful for some of you - 
overwhelms me).  I think you all do a great job of informing the newcomers.
I will take personal messages at email @ redacted  Best wishes, Betty in KY
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