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[IP] To Friends and Loves

Dear Pumpers & Friends,
    I have a need to vent today, laugh allot, to write about
life..................Last Monday 2-11 I had a IV put in once again, I was
fighting it for over 6 months not to get it (Last time it almost Killed ME)
The gastroparesis have gotten to the point where my gut has stopped working.
I have lost 24lbs as of today in two weeks. It is very hard at this time to
get good blood sugars with the gut not working and the infection cause by
the IV line. The doctors have removed one IV today and place another one in.
I will be on IV Erthromycin and TPN(IV FOOD) for 3 to 6 months. I am
fighting to kept my pump on in hospital so if Sara you hear YELLING out of
the Midwest "Remember, it is just Rodney" I have been pumping to long to let
the doctors put me on IV insulin if I can do it myself; the problem I have
with IV insulin is they are reacting to a blood sugar they don't plan on
what my BS will be. I came in to hospital today with a 122ml BS they started
the TPN  at 98cal a hour, I needed to turn pump up 170% to meet the calorie.
Last BS was 135ml, they want my BS to be at 120 to 150 ml.
    I will try to come to chat tonight, if I can get my old laptop to log
through hospital sys. but if not George has said that he will host for me.
So please drop in at http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/chat.shtml  in the
anytime room and tell him Thank You. So.....................

                        REMEMBER TO SMILE AND BE HAPPY,
p.s.:George, THANK YOU

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